Abusive Partners

This is a must share article. If you have been subject to this...Please know, it’s not you...it’s them. What I like about this article is the level of clarity. When you are in the emotional malestrom, you somtimes don’t know what true or not, you question your own mind and worth...even sanity. That’s an abusers … Continue reading Abusive Partners

It’s Not Complicated

https://thepowerofsilence.co/the-best-relationship-of-your-life-will-be-with-the-person-who-does-these-11-things/ Now I’m about to post on the beauty of singlehood; however, I also believe in the beauty of relationships. It’s really not all that complicated folks...we just make it that way. Sometimes we learn best how to be in a relationship when we are not in one. ☺️ But... If you are...check this article … Continue reading It’s Not Complicated