So I Kinda Fell in Love….with a Viola

“The viola get’s such a bad wrap because there’s a bunch of frustrated violinists playing them.”- H…super cool Suzuki violin teacher quipped at me.

I wasn’t one of those frustrated violinist types.  I was one of those, oh my goodness I’m in love at first sound with the sultry lady of the low end.  I loved how she fit on my shoulder, how she was an alto, just like me, and the notes were warm and inviting and peaceful, not strung high or too low, balanced in the middle.

Weirdly,  I’d never sounded better playing on a viola. It’s like she forgave my clumsiness, or maybe it was because I adore the sound that comes out, it was all warm and gooey like honey.  She isn’t a persnickety instrument,  she didn’t ask for perfection,  she just wanted to go to work and make some music, and if I messed up, I could almost feel her shrug like…”whateve” I’m not going anywhere and we’ve got the rest of the piece to get through.

So I kinda fell in love with a viola, well…actually a little madly in love with a viola…so much so that I’m already practicing twice a day.

Okay, okay….you violinists out there can stop snickering now.  I’m happy as a lark  playing harmony and reading a clef that no one else can, and being a bit confusing….you know, like…”Is it a violin?  Or is it something like a violin?   People say I confound them all the time, why not be a instrumentalist who plays an instrument that no one else gets.  Thank you very much, I’ll take my seat on the outside of the orchestra please.

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