Do the Thing You Don’t Want to Do

It’s seven degrees in the artic tundra that is Cincinnati, Ohio right now.  I long…and I mean…long for my southern Louisiana sunshine and warmth in the winter time here.  The cold makes me want curl up under my blankets in my own personal radiating ball of warmth and not move.  I get tired at 5:00 p.m. and would prefer to sleep the cold away like a bear in hibernation.  That is why what I just did…was the thing I didn’t want to do most in world right now…

I went for a walk…in the dark cold night.

Why this insanity, you might ask?

Well, I’ve learned that transformation and living a disciplined healthy life comes with “doing the thing you don’t want to do.”  Having a healthy body is essential for my emotional health, and that means moving it…even when it’s cold.  So that is what I did…I went for a walk to Krogers…then I walked to the library to return books, which for me…is a big success.  My name is notorius in the annuls of the library history for having a significant amount of late fees.  I would like to say this is because I just can’t part with a good book (which I do have trouble parting with) but the honest truth is….

I am a HUGE procrastinator.

I won’t go into the reasons as to why, that psychological babble would take us down the rabbit hole and back again, with us all feeling satisfied by the intellectual stimulation of it all, but still scratching our heads going, “huh?”.

I have found a solution though….it called…


Yes…brilliant…I know, isn’t it?  I say that with a laugh. It’s true, very simple stuff. You start.  But it’s not just starting…I also start doing the thing I don’t want to more then anything else that day.  Like walking outside when it’s below 10 degrees.  I’m genius at not doing things by simply replacing them with other seemingly important tasks that must be done…like writing a blog post, or reading a book, or finishing off a story, or hmmmm…rearranging my writing desk.  However, bills…must be paid…and excel spreadsheets on benefit elections must be audited (yuk), and if I want to be the best leader around, I’ve got to get the job done…even when it’s distasteful…and looks like math.

This “starting business” all began 30 days ago when I began getting myself out of bed at 5:30 a.m.  I am NOT a morning person; however, when one wants to change ones life, one must take massive action.  It is well documented that successful people get up before anyone else, so I figured…I wouldn’t sleep in any more…I would get out of bed write in my journal and read my books, plan my tasks for the day.  I would start my morning without rushing around like a crazy lady chasing chickens.  This was pretty much the past 10 years of my morning routine…enough was enough.  Eventually, I mastered it…disciplined myself to the darkness and half closed eyes, and cold wood floors on my feet, and the quiet.

The quiet…is what I fell in love with…the absolute silence of the start of the day…the beauty of beginning.

So…I decided to take getting up in the morning to the next level.  Attack those things that held me back in life…procrastination.

What I found, that like getting up early, doing the thing I didn’t want to do most in the world gave me confidence and actually reduced anxiety.  Bonus…a nice shot of confidence.  The kind that high fived me as I walked through the door this evening with a “heck yeah!  Badass”  You just froze your ass off walking out side…and survived!  You rule! Now treat yourself to some tea, and warm socks and Neil Gaiman’s American Gods”

So,  what you can start today?

Go do it!  And reap the rewards of “Doing the thing you don’t want to do.”

  • The appreciation of your community, tribe and family that you are a person they can trust to get stuff done.
  • Less Stress
  • Self Confidence
  • A good nights sleep




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