Make a Decision

A friend of mine recently proposed to his on and off again girlfriend.  She turned him down.


He decided to take action and was rewarded for that.


Yes, reward.

He got his answer so now he wouldn’t be wondering the rest of his life if he should marry this person or not.

Decisions and actions are rewarded with forward movement.

My friend wasn’t all that heartbroken…probably because this wasn’t the woman who inspired him to move mountains; which, by the way, real love will demand of you.

See that mountain, that unmovable thing…yes you go move it.

And you will try to. As crazy as that seems…but then again…I think visionaries like God are lovers.  God is a lover.  Visionaries and God seek to make the impossible possible.  And I think that’s why we love God and visionaries so much.

People, however are sometimes unmovable things.  Which gets me to my brilliant conversation with a wise colleague of mine who spent 2 hours of my day educating me to the principles of recovery and AA.  I’ve been struggling with “moving’ a particular person on my team to action.  In fact, I felt an epic failure because I could not do so.  Why couldn’t I get through to this person??

Then he broke out, a classic:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.”

But S…what can’t be changed?

“People, places, and “other things”.  You can’t change people, but you can change yourself.  Sometimes you just have to be you and make decisions.  Not everyone is going to like it or you.  And that’s okay.

I love wisdom like I love a cup of coffee from the Café Du Monde.

People do change…but that’s God’s job, not yours.  And  if you are frustrated by them, just be you make decisions, and change those things that you can.  But you need to get clear on your mission to do that.

Stay true to your mission, if it’s in alignment with your highest calling, your best self, and God…trust that, take action.  My biggest regrets in life have always been not taking action or behaving in a way that is not in alignment with God or my best self…go figure…those things crashed and burned.  But what I learned from that was, clarity, decisiveness, and consistency in decision making that is in alignment with your highest self is the surest path to peace…even if it doesn’t go your way.  You can walk away from whatever it with piece of mind because you “went all the way” in alignment with your highest virtue.

Accept others as they are.

Whatever you do, give it your 100% effort and all of your love…yes, even work can be a “Grand Passion”.

Let God move the mountains.

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