One Fine Day

There’s a great movie from 1996 staring George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer called, “One Fine Day” . Two single working parents, whose childcare plans fall through, are forced to rely on each other while they juggle work responsibilities and parenting.
That was my day today.
Thank God for our next door neighbor and his son (my daughter’s age) who was able to watch Anna while he fielded conference calls from his own house and I was able to get to the office for a bit. Both of us were stressed to the max, and I’m not going to lie…I was about to turn in my single parent card and say, I give up.
Sometimes being a single parent just sucks. Particularly when you have a job that doesn’t allow for snow days.
While you are busy solving your organizations problems, you get parenting problems as well….like tears over your child doing something they shouldn’t, and you just want to cry yourself, and I almost did. The child in me wanted to lock myself in the closet, shut the door and hide until all the scary work monsters and children problems went away. I know, sounds totally immature…but this blog is about honesty, and today…I was a “adulted” out.
But I adulted anyway….because that’s what parents do.
It’s heartbreaking holding your sobbing child in your arms, and you know they’ve done wrong, and so do they, and you can’t undo the thing that they’ve done, but you can hold them, even when you are tired, when you’ve held a whole organizations problems in your arms all day long, tending to everyone else’s problems, but your own…which is simply your own need to be held too.
And dammit! Because I was so busy all day, Neil Gaiman tickets were sold out from underneath my busy nose…ARG!!!

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