A Day of Love

“Our job as writers is to love the world.”-Matt De La Pena

I had the absolute pleasure to meet Matt and Loren Long yesterday at their book signing for their new book “Love”.  It is one of the most beautiful books that I have read and they had me in tears several times during their presentation.

Love is a children’s book that shows the fullness of human love crossing, gender, ethnic, and religious, and social strata. It shows love in good times and harsh times.  It is real.

It’s my new go to book, a simple read in the morning to start my day in the direction of loving action. Like hugging…I’m found my calling as a hugger this year.  I absolutely love hugging people, and connecting with them, and learning about them.

There was so much about their presentation that I could write about, their lives, the challenges they overcame as children, and how love changed their lives.  But the statement that Matt made about raising children answered some questions that I had been struggling with:  “How do we raise children in a time of divisiveness?  We send them into the world with love.”

I only have to open my web browser and see some stupid article about people behaving badly, or destruction, or fear, or our politicians acting like absolute fools.  It disgusts me, and I wonder…what happened?  How did we move so far away from the principles of love as a society?

How do I raise a child in a world of Facebook, and Instagram and internet full of all sorts of dark things?

I send her out with love as Mat said.  I teach her how to choose love and be love, and not to be afraid.

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