Too Soon

“She had such a strength and vulnerability in her voice.” She said.
I thought she was vulnerable and fierce, a warrior. She sang about those things I thought about and her loss was hitting me hard. This woman I knew and did not know.
She was taken too soon, like everyone else in the past year and half, and I was wondering and remembering those things hidden in the chambers of my heart. This world that takes sensitive souls too soon and while they are here get twisted by the darkness that seems to ebb in and out of our day to days.
This world is made for banished immortals, writers, poets, musicians, artists, creatives, those of us who are in cahoots with The Great Artist, but it’s also full of dark things and dark people and unkindness that sometimes seeps into even the kindest of souls. Even us sometimes…and this ache…does not leave us, even years later.
It’s a poison to the sensitive spirit, and sometimes…just sometimes…it’s too much, and takes are great artists too soon. They return home…to that place we all remember, where there was only love and acceptance and peace, and beautiful music and love that never ends, and hugs that last an eternity. You see…that’s what we remember the most, and that is why even the slightest look of or the tone of disdain can cut us to the core. Because we don’t truly understand it, it doesn’t make sense, because like old people and children we are closer to the beginning of things, and this remembering.
And some of us are taken home soon…too soon for the rest of us left behind. And we remember you, and everything you gave us, and we cry with sadness but also happiness too, because we know you are home.
Some of us also know, the in between, we know we

are here to stay, and work to bring the remembering back to everyone we meet. To someone keep this knowing alive, and fight for those who don’t have the strength to keep going. We look for hands to hold and arms to wrap ourselves in.
Some of us battle the unconsciousness of the word on stage, or on the page, in the studio, or even the board room. Yes…some of us work in the most unlikely of places, working to protect this remembering.
But we know also…that sometimes…some of us must leave too soon…
And till we meet again..
…we will be dreaming our dreams of you.

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