The Complement

“Hi finished your story great writing and wonderful story. The world needs your story. I think it would be a wonderful. Children illustrated story which could be a Christmas tradition. I would think interaction with the children would make it more a child’s liking or capture a child’s interest. This story has great potential from illustration to movie plot. As I told you when you were in college seize the day. You have talent and with God’s help your vocation will blossom. Writing is a talent and you are one of few who have the gift. I would let family read it from Grammy to Marrianne. Network with professionals in the field seek advice and follow your dreams. Love dad and mom.”

I about dropped the phone after I read the text from my Dad.

The last time my father complemented me….really complemented me…was 20 years ago when I was accepted to college.

I was completely taken aback.

I knew the work was good…but my Dad said something that touched on why I wrote it…it wasn’t for me…I wrote it for “the world”.

Because stories saved me when I was young…because we read to know we are not alone.  We read to know all the things that we can’t learn on our own.  We read to connect. Reading is the most intimate form of communication I know of besides music.

My father saw me…and I wept…because he was proud of me….for being me.  For the first time…since maybe I was four catching snowflakes on my tounge as I walked down Delta Avenue in Mt Lookout to get ice cream with him.

I’m a writer.  And I write because I can’t not write…and because I hope to touch people and remind them….that love is the greatest gift there is…and yes…it does cast out all fear, if you let it.  Magic does exist …in the form of love. That love starts with seeing…

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