The Wisdom of Trees

I believe in change.  I believe in change because of trees.

I know…odd way to start a blog post, but just go with me on this for a minute.

Trees are the wisest creations I have come across.  They know how to simply “be”, to grow, to bend in a storm, but most importantly they know how to change.

Seasons come and go, they let go, they stay quiet in the winter and bloom again in the spring.  They are rooted to the earth yet reach high up to the sky.

If we are to be wise humans, we must be like trees, we must grow and change.

I think apologies matter.  I think, “I’m sorry” are good words.  But I’m sorry is not enough.  What matters is you learn, grow, and change.  That is the best apology you can give someone, is to change.

You also must learn to let go.  If you don’t, new leaves can’t grow, the wisdom is knowing what season you are in, is it time to release your leaves into the Autumn wind?  Is it time for new buds to form again.  Are you quiet, do you listen, do you pay attention?  Do you know how to grow a new ring of bark, and heal a wound.  Do you know how to root yourself in the ground yet reach high to the sky so you can catch the sunshine?

Do you know the wisdom of trees?  Do you know how to change your leaves?


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