A Romantic Evening In the Grocery Store Parking Lot

Bananas, Hen of the Wood Chips (Because they are Cincy good), Salami for my daughters Sandwiches, Blue (stupid expensive) cat food,  coconut quinoa hot cereal “pour moi”, and just as I finished my late night Kroger run…there they were rows and rows of roses, and I was entranced.

Valentines Day was upon us!  I love Valentine’s Day!  It celebrates that thing that sets my soul on fire…love.  A day of Love, how I adore it!

As a romantic, this day celebrates the values I ascribe to, living a life of love.  It’s been a hard won lesson over the years, but now in my late 30’s I have finally started to be able to practice Love well.  It’s actually very simple…be kind, listen, think of others feelings first, listen more, give abundantly.  Loving abundantly is…well…a very happy way to live life.

And you don’t have to be in a relationship to do it.  That’s right…Love is who we are.

As I am super awesomely single this Valentine’s Day, I’m dedicating the day to loving well those humans who are in my path.

My romantic heart gets all squishy this time of year   I felt it when I walked out into the parking lot of Kroger’s and the snow started to softly drift down, illuminated by the lamp light.  It was beautiful and soft, like petals on my skin.  I fell in love with the simple beauty of snow.

It took me 3 minutes to get home.  As soon as I walked through the door I heard music.  As if by magic my phone had turned on, to Ella Fitzgerald sultry voice singing.  Love…that’s how this magic stuff works…it has an energy and force All to its own.  To harness the energy of love in our lives…well…if we can do that…there is nothing we can’t do.  Possibility…with love all things are possible.


The song that was mysteriously playing on my I phone when I walked through the door….hmmmm…how the heck did that happen.


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