The water was like crystal shattering on her boots with sunlight caught  in it’s shards as it bounced off pink rubber into the dark drain.

The sound of splattering water on cold concrete, the whinny of horses. Smells of leather and mud…and hay.  My hands a bit torn up from throwing bales, and a slight burn of the lounge line after my horses work out.

This new barn brought me back to myself, it required the discipline of partial care.  Ordering hay and feed, mucking stalls, turning out and bringing in, exercising your own horse.  Ironically the facility was half the cost and 5 times as nice as the full care barn I just came from on the expensive side of town.  I liked it.  I liked digging my hands in hay and horse hair and smelling of barn when I got home.  But more importantly, it was a practice in the commitment to care, a committment to love.  Love requires care, and sometimes that care is messy, like mucking stalls.

I was focused as the crystal water shards washed the mud off my daughters boots.  She chattered on about Corabelle the Chestnut pony, and how she was going to jump her.  Her and Zoe were  fast friends, Zoe was 10 and eventing already.  A kind girl who knew the value of a hard days labor.  She carried the grace of an expert equestrian-expert riders are much like dancers, balanced and strong.  They tend to be gentle and sensitive, for horses are sensitive, and need sensitive people to bond with.

We’d spent the whole day caring for our horse, together.  She helped muck the stall, prepare the days feed, clean the brushes, groom Perdu and her reward a ride on Corabelle.  She was happy.  I was happy.

Music and horses, that’s what we do this little tribe of two, me and my daughter.

Focus…horses, writing, music…these things focus me.  And bring me happiness.

I remember all those people in my life through the years who told me to “sell the horse, stop riding, and don’t be so frivolous by spending money on violin lessons, a piano, that silly concert subscription, and writing…really C yes…you need to focus yourself!”

My response now…

I am…focusing….on all the right things.

Focus on your passions…they won’t steer you wrong.  If they are expensive, you will find a way to make it work, find the discount barn, buy the tickets in the heights of the concert hall for $14 instead of 125, pianos are almost free these days on line, and music lessons…well…find a good teacher, writers…simply make time…and just write.

Find your focus…and do that.



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