Just Swing

I watched J of A aka J and A, swinging together, laughing, the little old married couple.  It’s nice when you find your soul mate at 7 and 8 respectively.  J and A were inseparable.  They communicated on a higher plane that put us adults to shame.  They negotiated their wants and needs like little Zen masters without ever getting too upset with each other, when they did get upset it was usually J taking a break in his room, while A came over to play Minecraft…breaks lasted maybe 5 minutes.  Then peals of laughter could be heard from the swing under the Oak tree.

“It’s potential to kinetic energy…”  He gazed off lost in thought.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“hmmm….oh…formulas going through my head.  Swinging it’s potential to kinetic energy.  It’s all about velocity.”  I was intrigued, John’s mind was an ocean of deep thought and science that made the mechanics behind life fascinating.  As the resident Ph.D. on the street, he was wealth of knowledge, from how stars formed, to why sunlight was sunlight, and how swings…swung.

“Swinging is kinda of like life isn’t it, ups and downs…”

He begun to get energized.

“Oh, it absolutely is.  Life is all about ups and downs.  Like swings.  Your highest velocity is as your lowest point on the swing.”

I could feel my eyes light up.

“So…at your lowest point on a swing…you are at your highest velocity and about to take off, about to swing high?”

“Yes…all of your momentum comes from the fall.”

“So, couldn’t one say that your lowest point in your life is actually your highest velocity, from this this point…you take off to reach your highest heights.”

“Yes, you could absolutely say that.  You will swing up again, then fall down again…to the low point of high velocity, then go back up….but here’s the interesting part.  You don’t really fall do you?”

“No, because you are on a swing.”  My mind was racing with the kind of good creativity that fuels me.

“Exactly, you are attached to a rope, that prevents you from really falling and crashing to the ground.”  He said.

“So then…in life…our downs are the springboard to our successes and we might go high, but we never fall…truly fall….because we have a rope.  The rope is attached to the tree.  Is our rope God?”

“No, the rope is faith, the tree is God.”

“I think this is a new story I’m going to write…the parable of the swing!”

“Of course you should, I’ll give you the scientific formulas for your tale.”

We both grinned at each other.

Just your average day on Wallace Avenue.

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