The Energy that Keeps the Stars in the Sky

“Love…I think it is that condition in the human spirit that is so profound that allows us to forgive.  It may the energy that keeps the stars in affirmiment, I’m not sure, It may keep the blood running smoothly through our veins, I’m not sure.  But its something beyond the explanation.”-Maya Angelou

Maya, moved on, is still my mentor.  A writer, a wise woman, a woman who knows the depths of the human spirit in it’s light and dark winding ways.  I stumbled across this video today, and wept with her, and felt connected.  I believe in this energy…this love…this God.

When you have experienced this energy, you know the truth of things.  It reminds us, of home.  Not our home here, the home that we know we came from.  And sometimes we weep, because we know our home is in this love, and to be in this love.  This energy makes me kneel in amazement.  This energy, has allowed me to forgive…everything…the unforgiveable things in myself, the unforgiveable things in others.  Because this is what we are.

We are this love.  It is in us, it is what makes the heart beat, the blood flow, our eyes light up in connectivity in and recognition.  This…this is the energy that we are asked to tune into.  When I am quiet, I tune in by each breath.  I place my hand on my heart…and breathe.


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