No…That’s Okay…I’m Good

I was fortunate to listen to Neil Gaiman read his short work about a single woman who finds a genie.   The Genie grants her three wishes, to which she responds, “No…I’m good.”

The genie, shocked continues to give her options, a handsome man, or maybe a  beautiful woman, all the riches in the world?

“No…I’m good.” She responds.  “Would you like some tea?”

This may be one of my favorite short stories I have come across.  You see, it is a parable for a strong love and whole relationship that starts with being whole in oneself.   There is nothing to be given, demanded, some gaping hole to be filled…there is only life to be shared.

This is a peaceful love, but it starts with the greatest wish…which is wishing for nothing at all; nor desperately searching to give someone something (the Genie).

It is an invitation.

“Flowers, dinner at Bocca, a trip abroad?”

“No…that’s okay, I’m good..   But if you would like to sit and drink tea with me, or go for a walk with me, or eat soup with me, or read with me, or snuggle with me while watching 1940’s movies, then yes, but that’s not a wish…because…it’s just what I do…

….And I am good.”

Maybe I’ll get my own genie someday, maybe I won’t…either way…I’m good”




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