Words That Shimmer

“Words matter.  Words that shimmer.  Poetry is the language of which we have no defense for.  The canvas of truth that facts cannot convey.”-Krista Tippet

Krista Tippet and Neil Gaiman in the same week, I am awe struck, inspired, reminded of my own beauty…and transformed by shimmering words.  Krista was a writer and speaker who, like Neil, embodies presence.

Words do matter, what you say, matters, and we take words for granted, we speak without thinking, we write without thinking how what we say will make the other person feel.

“You know prophets by their disarming language.  They are poets, poetry is the human voice.”-Walter Bruggerman

She continued with her own words, “Listening is not about being quiet it is about being present.  It is powered by genuine curiosity.”

Her voice was kind and soft of the ears, her words were everything I believed in:

“Hope is not frivolous, it is reality based, it takes in the darkness and the light.  It is a virtue, like patience, compassion, courage and love.  Hope is a choice, a muscle that we flex.  When we choose to live with these qualities we are called to surround ourselves with others like us.  We should have companions who can carry hope for us on days that we can’t.”


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