How to Can Happiness in a Mason Jar

A quick nip of writing before bed…

Some days I am simply…well….happy.  Happy that the warmth of spring has finally awoken us all from the winter woes, happy with smell of fresh cut grass, happy with Schumann the marmalade fluff cat on my lap as I lounge on the deck, sunshine on my face, warm wind on my cheeks, happy that after two 14 hour days at work, and pushing through, I somehow…am still alive, happy that I found the enneagram, happy that I got rid of my cable box, happy for books, happy for good music, happy that I have a neighbor I can sit with on the porch and enjoy the spring with.

“Dan O’Grady, a psychologist and Living School student, told me recently that our negative and critical thoughts are like Velcro, they stick and hold; whereas our positive and joyful thoughts are like Teflon, they slide away. We have to deliberately choose to hold onto positive thoughts so that they can “imprint.” Observing my own habits of thought and in counseling others I see this to be profoundly true. The implications are enormous for individuals and for society.
Neuroscience can now demonstrate the brain indeed has a negative bias; the brain prefers to constellate around fearful, negative, or problematic situations. In fact, when a loving, positive, or unproblematic thing comes your way, you have to savor it consciously for at least fifteen seconds before it can harbor and store itself in your “implicit memory;” otherwise it doesn’t stick. We must indeed savor the good in order to significantly change our regular attitudes and moods. And we need to strictly monitor all the “Velcro” negative thoughts.”-Richard Rohr


These happy moments I savor.  I hope to store them up in my mason jar of happy thoughts…15 seconds at a time.

Store them up for next winter or a rainy day, or a day where an ill wind blows my way, a day where blue seems the hue that shadows everything.


Let the canning season of happiness begin.

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