In the Silence we can hear….everything…

One of my favorite spots in any musical composition is the pause, the breath before the note, the silence in between musical sentences.  There is so much said in silence.

Take the angry silence between two people who love each other, everything they want to say is there, said and unsaid, in the stare.

The precious silence in a prayer, where we empty ourselves, calming the mind…to listen to what lies in the depths of our souls.

In contemplation, in non-duality, in sitting in silence where there is pain and joy.  Right there, in the silence, it is a pregnant pause of possibility, which way will it go, who will dive in first, who will dip there hand in the water, reaching deep for what lies underneath?

It is this silence where I have learned the most about myself, those I love, divinity, creation…everything…everything is in the fullness of silence.


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