Eyes on the Stars

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”-Theodore Roosevelt

Why do we need to keep our feet on the ground?  Because we are trees…let the roots run deep but stretch yourself as high in the sky as you can go.  The Wisdom of Trees is a book in the works.  Every great spiritual teacher has something to do with trees, isn’t that interesting?  Jesus and the cross, Buddha and the Bodhi tree.

I’ve been gazing at the stars as long as I can remember.  But keeping my feet on the ground, rooting myself to the earth is what drives the vision and the dream.  Taking thought and vision, then getting my feet and hands dirty in the earth.  The work, the tears, the grit.

Horsewomen know these things.  We know what its like to cough up dirt after a bad fall, to be thrown down by something we love, then rise up without anger and saddle-up again.  We know the wisdom of the fall, and that partnership is mistake after mistake, growing and rebuilding, changing ourselves to connect and communicate.  The wisdom of speaking without words takes years.

I like a little dirt under my nails, reminds me to stay grounded.  It reminds me that I have fallen, that I have picked myself up from that fall without anger and malice, pushing the pain aside, seeing past fear and said, “Let’s try again.”

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