Past Behavior…to the Person

4122FFA0-44DA-48A5-ADBC-893B184616CEI heard somewhere that you should take a break after every 90 minutes of work.  It’s been a day of laundry and cleaning, of cooking food and parenting my child…and the neighbor’s children by proxy.  So now I need a break.  My break is writing.

While I work around the house, I listen to music and the occasional motivational video or TED talk.  Today I came across this one.

“I look past the behavior to see the person.  Every single person has infinite value in our eyes. We don’t ignore the behavior, but we recognize that every behavior has a reason.  We try to be present. ”

“If we can create an environment where someone can be who they are, and feel what they feel, that’s the place that healing can begin.”

This is so beautiful.

Which got me thinking…how can we make our homes healing places?   For our children and for ourselves.




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