Open Your Eyes to the Prayer


I opened my eyes to the prayer.

The prayer was in front of me.  It was in the way the rose leafs’ wrapped around each other in an embrace.

The way the candle flickered it’s delicate scent.  The opening to the sound of silence, much like the sound of growing things, a steady high resonating, if you are quiet enough you can hear your own live ness.

The prayer isn’t behind my eyelids it is with my eyes open.  This relationship between the inner self and outer creation allows for relationship, it is an entrance into the circle dance between divinity and me.  God is not “out there…to some place called heaven in the sky.”

He is in the Rose, in my gaze of the Rose, and  in the feeling of tranquility as I enjoy its beauty.  My appreciation of this gift of the creation is relationship.  In the relationship is God .  God is relationship.  Love maintains relationship because love is God.  Anything other than this is not true.

Relationship work starts here…between God, myself, and the Rose.  Then it can extend outward, and then you start to see this connectivity…everywhere in everything.  It’s an invitation, we are always being invited into this deep mystery of love.  There is no lonlieness here in relationship with Love.


“ I was walking down a little trail when I saw this recluse coming toward me. Not wanting to interfere, I bowed my head and moved to the side of the path, intending to walk past him. But as we neared each other, he said, “Richard!” That surprised me. He was supposed to be a recluse. How did he know I was there? Or who I was?

He said, “Richard, you get chances to preach and I don’t. When you’re preaching, just tell the people one thing: God is not ‘out there’! God bless you.” And he abruptly continued down the path. Now I have just told you what he ordered me to do. God is not out there!”-Richard Rohr




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