The Requiem

There are very few shows that I will not applaud for.

Normally, if it was if I didn’t like the performance.

Tonight’s performance, I did not applaud because some music is so sacred that clapping could not articulate my deep love for the notes.  I wanted simply to kneel and cover my head with my pashmina in prayer.  I felt wrapped up in the womb of God, and the applause was too loud.  I had cried for over 90 minutes listening to Verdi’s requiem.  It was like being wrapped in a blanket and held gently as all the sorrow and grief I ever felt poured out of me in prayer.

I stood at the end, but I wanted to kneel, just kneel, cover my head, and cry silently.  I wanted silence…the only way to honor such magnificence was through silence.  A silence where the sound that I did not want to end would continue to seep into my soul.   I was in a womb of sound, of purity, of goodness, of light, of love, of understanding, of connection, of unity.

I was home.

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