East of Ireland Where we Walk Side by Side

East of the Ireland pasture lies the The Field of Roses.
This pasture is lined with wild white rose bushes, they are fragrant and sweet. This is where I begin my studies on trust, here where the word is all green and growing things. A slight breeze, my back resting against the locust tree, watching the horses arrive for their nightly turnout.
I am learning to build trust, to be trust worthy in relationship, the firm foundation which everything else is built on.
I’m starting with my horse.
This evening, I went to turn her out, expecting another Taurus response, heck no you can’t make me go. I changed my energy though, tonight…it was all about patience and companionship.
None of this walking ahead, pulling her along bit. Interestingly, I tend to do that with life too. I’m always walking 10 steps ahead, planning out where everything is going to go, where everything is going to be, how it’s all going to look. With people sometimes, I find myself walking briskly forward, focused on the future, when the present joy of another’s presence is suddenly behind me.
Tonight, I walked side by side with my horse. Interestingly, no problems, no stopping, no throwing her head up in protest. I was right next to her.
The walk to the pasture was simple like the wild roses, calm like the breeze.
Trust, I am learning, is built side by side. In the support you offer in an anxious time, in the way you hold someone’s hand, or their heart, or share their energy space.
Do you offer the strength of an oak, the softness of grass on bare toes, the calm of an evening  pasture? Do you stay side by side, when the path is long ? Do you stay side by side when there is something scary? Do you stay side by side when your partner limps a bit with the stiffness of age. This is how the horses approach their turnout, down the long path, past the scary dark woods, some limping a bit with injury, but they stay side by side.
At the end of the long path they have walked together is the pasture of the wild rose, where the grass is lush and green and they are never alone.
This is how trust begins, learning to walk not ahead, and not behind, but side by side. We can do this with each other on our walk through life together, side by side, in this lies the peace.

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