A Little Bit of Food for Your Thoughts

Alone, I prepared my evening meal.  Rissotto, Salmon, a bit of cherry bread.  I said the blessing, then went to grab a book to read while I ate, I stopped myself.

I always eat with a book or conversation, or television.  I never eat…alone with me and my thoughts.

So I put the book down and sat in my plush comfy chair and began to eat.  It was at least half a plate before I realized.  I had barely paid attention to my food as I ate it.  My mind was lost in the days events, the weekends events, it was everywhere but sitting and eating my food. Thoughts kept mind utterly unfocused, almost like eating had become a boring mundane habit, like commuting to work, and it was distracting me from something…

Something amazing right under my nose…

the act of eating.

You laugh, but really have you ever stopped and focused on what you are actually doing?  Taking the energy of the earth, placing it into your body, and then transforming that into new energy that fuels the fingers, placed around the fork that is lifting once living things like you, into your mouth.

Food is as much a miracle as you are.  It is life giving life to you, and your body is a genius instrument that makes it happen.

The food  we put into our bodies is a precious gift of life.

I reflected on this genius instrument of my form, and thought how I wanted to treat it with kindness and give it good things.

It is the temple of our essence, it allows us to be incarnate in this life, it is wise and wants us to know things and feel things, and share in the spirituality of the physicial realm.

How we feed our bodies, matters.  How we treat our bodies matters, how we treat the sacred space of another person’s body matters.

The simple act of eating, of being grateful for the gift of food that fuels the home of my soul, brings me such joy.






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