The Hot Head, a Hot Bale and Thank The Stars for the Highlander.

”This really is an inconvenience, I mean I’m interrupting my day off to drop her off to you.”

”It’s guitar, I had to reschedule.” I said matter of fact awaiting the argument to unfold.  My ex husband disliked being inconvenienced, even if it was for his daughters music lessons.  I disliked even having a conversation with him.  Particularly if I was asking him to help with something, it always turned into an argument where I as wrong or had done something wrong, and helping was such a big deal.  This time…I didn’t rise to the occasion to defend myself, probably because I didn’t feel any need to fuel the flames of disagreement.  He was classic at a bate.  I had spent 10 years of our marriage learning how to fight, dirty, so that I wouldn’t collapse into a puddle of tears.  Now, that God…I was past all that….now it was just words, and now…those words didn’t define me.  I listened, then he dropped her off, we went to guitar lessons with Anna’s teacher  who was the epitome of a kind and  sensitive patient man.  James gave me hope for humanity as a whole.

Lesson: Don’t let someone’s opinion of you change your true north.

Next it was time to turn my horse out, clean her stall and set her feed.  Task one an two done, then it was time to set the feed.  I placed my hand on the bale of hay and then stopped in recognition.  It was a hot bale, I hadn’t seen one in several years.  If hay is baled wet, it can mold and combust.  Yes, it will catch on fire, a chemical reaction that I can’t explain the workings of it, just know it’s a huge problem in a hayloft of highly flamable hay.  I opened up the bale and smoke came out.  Thank goodness that I checked.  Needless to say, I removed th bad bales and let the barn manager know. I had trusted my hay guy, and didn’t bother to check myself when I picked up the bales.  He’s a farmer, I trusted he wouldn’t sell me bad hay.  However my instincts told me to check the hay this evening.

Lesson: Trust but veify.  Rely on your instincts.

After the hay incident the sky opened up in a torrent of rain.  The good thing was the bad hay was now utterly soaked but the drive home was like driving through a monsoon.  3 inches of water on the road did not stop the Higlander.  It sailed in 4 wheel drive and stuck to the road like glue.  The Highlander is my favorite and most dependable car I have ever owned.  I always felt safe no matter the weather.  It was my very own Jaime Frazier, it could carry me home in any storm.  I will never not own a Toyota Highlander again.  It is my vehicle of choice…plus…it can haul.  What horsewoman doesn’t want their own rig??  Especially one like mine, all classy and handsome Merlot and leather,  but gets the job done and works hard.

Lesson:  Have a car that is well made and can carry you to safety for all storms that come your way.


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