Peace is…

FE4828D8-D3C9-4958-B49D-6A224E6FB7B8Peace is no make-up, my comfy old t-shirt, a cat on my lap, a good book, kind words, the wind in the eves, and the delicate scent of magnolias.  Rain that dips it’s toes in my window seal begging to enter in.

This is my meditation.

The present moment, a moment of gratitude, for lightening bugs and the musk of black locust trees on the almost June breeze.   For health, for prayer, for being itself.

Here in this breath…in this chair I love, and let go, and forgive everything, with breath.  I let go of the breath, I take in breath.

Everything is breath.  We take in, we let go, we exhale, we inhale.  This flow, of bringing in and letting go, is a path to awakening .

It is the path to your own true essence, your soul.



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