The Wisdom of the Magnolia Tree

I have a love for Southern Magnolia trees.

During my travels in the south I have been impressed by their beauty, strength, grace, and resilience. Last year when I purchased my house, I was fortunate to stumble across one on sale at Pipkins. I planted it in the back yard.

It made it through the winter, but this spring the leaves began to yellow and look blighted. It dropped almost all its leaves and I feared it was dying.

I went back to Pipkins and asked the Gardner what she thought. She smiled and shook her head, “No, no…don’t worry. It’s establishing itself. That’s what Magnolias do.”
“But it looks like it’s dying!” I responded a bit frustrated.
“It’s establishing itself…they shed their leaves when they are establishing a good root system. It’s how they get strong. Don’t do a thing.”

So…I’ve been keeping an eye on it day by day. After it lost a leaf, I noticed new growth. And week by week, more leaves again. And this evening I checked it, and to my great happiness the most beautiful blooms.

So…the wisdom of the magnolia..

People are very much like southern magnolias.

Sometimes when growing and establishing a good root system, a firm foundation for life, grounding themselves, they may loose leaves.

Sometimes in dark times, challenging times, when things are dying, or falling away, when we feel like we are loosing our leaves, it’s really just a time where we are growing stronger, wiser. Sometimes in order to grow wise and strong…to get rooted, we have to let those leaves fall away.


This is just a time of establishment…

It’s okay…new stronger leaves will take its place, and in time…with patience and faith, they will blossom. 🙂

With our friends, family, and children it is helpful to remember… this lesson of the magnolia.

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