From the Real Red Lotus Room

Nothing brings me more pleasure then writing from the real Red Lotus Room in my house. A room, all French Red, red velvet pillows, candles, a couch that is big enough to be a bed, surrounded by art and music. My violin and piano are only a couple of feet away. It’s a room of ever growing artistic complexity, comfort and dimension. I’m finally adding a chaise lounge…cranberry red, with some sort of fantastic sumptuous pillows I haven’t picked out yet. Somehow I feel complete with a chaise…I shall recline all odalisque, in silks, with a volume of Keats…or Faulkner, listening to some Shostakovich Beethoven or Bartok…terribly romantic don’t you think? The irony of it all…I have actually made my dreamy romantic sentimentality become reality.

And here is what I want to say…

Anything you can think of and dream, anything at all…if you can dream it/think it…you can make it happen. I don’t think anything is really all that impossible with elbow grease, patience, time, faith…and a dogged stubborn belief in your heart’s desires. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be easy and it won’t come all at once, or maybe not in the time frame you think, but if you work at it and keep perserving, you can make your visions real tangible things. The Red Lotus Room on Wallace Ave is living proof…and it’s just the start.

I guess I just can’t settle for anything less than my heart’s desire.

So…once upon a time I decided to do the things that I loved, be with people that set my soul on fire, and be a stubborn ass about holding on to my dreams…and eliminate “can’t” from my lexicon. And slowly, step by step…day by day, I am weaving my own “life imagined”.

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