In order for forgiveness to really happen something has to die. Then that death must be grieved. You are grieving the idea.”-Brene Brown discussing a sermon at her church.

The stabbing realization of truth and forgiveness. Something has to die in order for forgiveness to occur. Sometimes that’s the death of the dream. Letting go of the beauty of a dream is something I do not do well, I’m very much Charleston Heston, “Out of my Cold Dead Hands!’

Creation and destruction are one in the same. Darn artists among us…we know this deep down, that’s why we are always killing the beauty that we create, self sabotaging. As we grow up, we learn to be more conscious of this creative process, and we don’t destroy things just to destroy, we are more mindful of what needs to be and what needs to be released.

We need to mourn though…and we need to acknowledge the death of things. When I heard this quote, I started crying. Yep right there in the middle of a random 2PM afternoon. Why? Because I actually for the first time in my life believed that Jesus really was the son of God. Yeah…wack right? I’ve been raised in the church, I’m a practicing Catholic yet, there was always this piece of me that really didn’t buy it. The why of that is a book, but here’s what you need to know, when I heard that quote I thought…OMG…that man really was God and Man. He was like, here…here…you don’t get it do you, this forgiveness thing…let me show you how big it really is. Let me physically show you what forgiveness is all about. I’m going to die in the most horrific way possible, people are going to torture me, and it’s not going to matter, because Grace and God…that light in the darkness wins every single time. I will show you how this works…through out all time.

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