Life Aside


I have wanted to ride side saddle since I saw my first Jane Austen movie. My love was solidified when I saw the Lady Mary of Downton Hunt. Everything about side saddle just seemed to pull me to it. The elegance and beauty. It’s been a dream of mine to learn. Today that happened.

5 years ago I put a picture of Lady Mary of Downton riding aside. Go figure, it worked. I am beginning my journey to learn the art of riding aside.

What I can say is, somethings just fit, physically. This “fitting” principle works with people too. If anything riding has taught me is to pay attention to you body. Go with what “fits”.

I was most me, riding tall and aside. It was natural.

Ironically, my mare Perdu took right to it too.

That’s how life is. You are supposed to just do the things you love, the things you are drawn to, the things you are curious about. Those things are your true north. Those things are your soul pulling you closer to you.

One last thing about riding side saddle…

It’s all about staying balanced when you are slightly unbalanced. Isn’t that how life is? It’s always a bit unbalanced. When you are riding aside, the feeling is free and tall, powerful. Are we are most powerful when we are unbalanced and balancing anyway?

Another lesson maybe, when life had you slightly eschew, rise up tall and ride through.

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