Start Over

This I know…

Sometimes…you need to start over. And unplugging when you have a child, a mortgage, and a job is almost utterly impossible, but I will figure out how to do it.


Because I have come to realize some very important truths about myself…and other people, my family of origin, and how it has shaped my life thus far. I want the last part of my life to be the best part of my life.

That starts…with letting go of the past…all the way back to age 3, and re parenting myself, developing secure attachment styles, and starting to live the life in accordance with my inner wisdom, not someone else’s opinion of me. What that looks like, I will let unfold naturally, but I can tell you what it doesn’t look like…

Abuse of myself or others
Disrespect of myself or others

Sometimes…we have to disconnect, even from our own families…sometimes healing is a stubborn dogged drag of a journey.

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