What’s in a Name

Oh he is just lovely. Gabby sat elegantly on top of the handsome dark bay beauty. He was dignified, a well put together throughbred, tall, gorgeous soft eyes, and he was excellently turned out. Sparkly rhinestone fly bonnet to cover his ears. A well dressed man of a horse. “Oh it’s just Bill”
Bill? That’s his name?
“Well…That’s a dumb name for a horse!” We all started laughing
He’s much too debonair for a name like that. You must call him William.

It was nice to see Gabby back on a horse.

“Are you going to keep him?”

No. I’m just flipping him for a sale. I don’t want to buy for awhile.

We all nodded I in acknowledgment of her recent loss.

You got your whole life to find another…there will be more.

As they walked off together, they were healing each other. Gabby needed a horse. Bill/William needed a rider and he was the kind of kind animal to heal with.

We women were healing each other too. With the wisdom of all of our ages from 16 to 62. Keeping company barn side, watching the sun set over the cross country field, acknowledging each other’s pains, without saying a word.

The sun has almost set , the wind is coming across the open field and brushing the hair away from my face. Pink sky, crescent moon, grass on my bare feet, the grey and white barn cat. Meowing to have its head scratched.



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