That’s not how it is…you simply learn to live with it.

I was immediately taken back to Benjamim’s Reiki reading of Perdu, “She has an old injury here.” he placed his palms above her hip.
Should I call a vet?
No…no need…she has learned to live with it. Animals accept pain, they don’t question it too much, it would be like questioning the sun rising, it just is.”

Maybe that’s how honest living is. It’s saying, “I’m still not over it yet and that is just how it is, and I may never be, but it’s a part of me. The hurt is something I am completely powerless over.

Step One…recognize your own addictions and your powerlessness over them.

Addiction is just a way to mask the pain or hurt…or depression. Typically it comes from some sort of trauma. Sometimes that trauma is a broken heart.


What is all this pain teaching? Maybe…it points us in the direction to our hearts desire.

Someone to drink tea with and talk for hours with. Someone to laugh with…cry with…someone to hold your hand when life gets a bit scary and say, “You’ve got this!” Yes…well…it’s not about getting that person…it’s about being that person. Maybe first with yourself…then with someone and your honeybee tea pot.

Isn’t it weird to still feel this way?

Not at all, he was your connector to Source. That feeling was the most real thing you have probably experienced; now you need to learn to reconnect back to it without him. Love is the connection to a power greater then yourself.

So begins my studies

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