Mason, Ohio Gives me Anxiety

The side walks began to disappear as large building after large building appeared out of asphalt.  They were huge structures, seemingly immaculate, but on further inspection there were cracks and trash in their corners and trash at their sides.  They held Walmart, Target, Costco, and the landscaping was Stepford Wife like.  All the same, all white, all, all sprayed with pesticides so my dragonflies and bees where no where to be found.

Mass consumerism was the theme of Mason.  Store after store.  Big TV’s Big Cars, Big Homes, big everything lacking soul.  The only way to get to anything was by car.  Of course my car was dropped off at the dealer for an oil change so I took myself to the only place I could feel comfortable.  A bookstore, and Barnes and Nobel was only a quick walk away.  Of course I had to make my way through parking lots and strip malls, but eventually I found myself home among my tribe, book people.

Of course, like everything in Big Bland Mason, it was huge, overly big but at least I was surrounded by words, the type of words that disliked big things as much as I did.

Suddenly, I became very aware of my desire not only to write, but to own my own small hide away bookstore.  A bookstore writers nook of a place, maybe somewhere in the OTR, you could walk to and read at.  I would have fantastic fountain pens and journals, music that made sense…like Phillip Glass or The National, not…whatever bland music was playing right now.

Why do we have to have everything supersized??

One of the book seller just wizzed by in a frustrated librarian fashion.  In fact, she wore a librarian skirt, and glasses and has long silver hair pulled back by a scrunchie.  She needs a small bookstore, or a library.  We need more libraries and bookstores…and people who don’t wear polos to speak to about music, and  books, and Narnia.

Ughhhhhhhhh….so I’m going to get some great tea…and write…and pray that the oil change finishes up quickly.  So I can return back to my small town, and my Magnolia house, and red chaise to dream of a better world for everyone.

A world with less anxiety brought on by big things.

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