Modern Day Courtesan-New Work

He was on his way, to collect.

She would give him exactly what he wanted, something that he could  not experience with anyone else.  How she could make him feel rain on his skin, remind him of the beauty of a fountain at night, it’s water all crystalline glimmer like falling stars.  She was the comfort of home and the exoticism of travel all at the same time.  She held wisdom behind her eyes, the kind that could only be learned in a dark night, when the world seemed to close in on itself in blackness.  It was mystery and danger and tasted like sweet wine.  He wanted her laugh, her youth, how magic floated around her, how she seemed not to care about his money, how she carried confidence and class.  He wanted it, and he had paid for it.  He paid for the realness he could not experience in his own world, he paid for depth of soul.

And she knew….she would give it to him, and like every other company he had acquired, he would never be able to fully understand her workings, but having her name in his portfolio, looked good.

She would marry him and it wouldn’t be for love.  She had love once, and it betrayed her.  One love, her heart held only one.   For others, it may be different, their hearts could hold many.  But not for her, this she knew, and accepted about herself.

So she would marry for purpose and in him she saw something bigger then what she could do alone.

She placed her hands palms up tracing the lines, remembering how her love’s lines fit into hers, and she could feel the Universe inside his hands, how soft they were.   She felt as though his hands were still in hers, but she realized, they were just the scars, the imprint of two stars touching each other, marks that could not be erased know matter how much she tried.

And she cried.

He would be here soon, to claim his prize, and she would show him music, and all the things he was missing….the dark deep waters of words, and he would smile and be awed, not understand a thing.  How could he, he never traveled beyond what was right in front of him.

And so, once more she locked her true self in, looking at her scars as the music brought forth all her grief again in a silent scream.

Then she wiped her tears away, and prepared herself…for the one who bought her.



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