The Good Man

The world is full of good kind wonderful men, and whenever I find one, I like to celebrate him.

I noticed Jackie’s husband weeks ago at the barn probably because, well…he’s a guy and there are not many men that hang out at horse barns. Horse barns are full of Valkyrie’s, so…not many men are up to the task of hanging with riding goddess warrior women.

There is a common denominator among these men that I find paired up with horsewomen, they are full of quiet courage and they are exceedingly helpful.

When I say quiet, they are indeed…very quiet men. They speak very little. When I say exceedingly helpful, they have a willingness to help with everything, fixing broken boards, hanging fans, cleaning stalls, holding horses, all done in some form of silent reverence to both the horse and their lady who rides them.

Jackie’s husband was always quietly cleaning her two geldings stalls. He rarely looked at anyone he was as silent as the grave. He went about his business almost always unnoticed. It was when he was saddling up Justin, Jackie’s thoroughbred for her, that I really started to take notice.

There he was gently and expertly saddling her horse for her.

“Jackie…your husband is great!”
“I know, he saddles my horses for me every time I ride. What’s even more amazing is that he cleans my saddles for me without me asking, he just does it. It’s been years since I’ve ridden in a dirty saddle. I never asked him to do it, it does it all on his own.”
“Does he ride?”
“Oh no, he’s never ridden, he just likes helping me.”
Sure enough, her saddle looked like a thing taken from a store shelf. He tacked up her gelding, then she hopped on her horse to walk out to the cross country field, he lead her second mount out in wait to finish with her first. Then he stood there holding her horse and watching her ride…silently. There seemed to be a hidden prayer between she and he. The type of quietness that says, I’m here for you…whatever you need.

There are good men in this world, Jackie’s husband is one of these. A man that does what he does out of love, respect, and admiration for his lady. He does these things simply because it makes Jackie happy, and she in return, loves him valiantly.

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