“Why would I be tired? I’m moving the energy of the stars.”-Brother Benjamin

This was brother Benjamin’s response after 60 minutes of realigning my chakras and healing blockages in my energy field.

Reiki is deeply personal and mystical experience. My session started with sound. Tibetan singing bowls to realign the chakras. As a person who is highly sensitive to sound this immediately sent me into a state of awareness that felt pure and light, as if my body and spirit was brought back in tune. That’s exactly what Ben said, he was bringing me back in tune with my true nature. “You’re like a guitar that’s been played out of tune for years, you got used to that sound as normal.” He was right, when I opened my eyes, everything was new. Everything.

The details of the session could be pages. Without me telling the story, he already knew me, I didn’t have to say anything. There were moments of joyful lightness, tears at times where I felt a sense of wholeness return. Soulmates give yourself, back to yourself. This is what Ben did for me. Or as he said, it’s all there inside you to heal, I just helped.

There were so many words and images that came to mind, but the two in particular that stood out.



Don’t be afraid. There is nothing to be afraid of. Nothing ever ends, we’ve been here before and we will be back again, so do not fear. You can let go and simply…allow things to be as they are.

“Pay attention to who is drawn to you now, and who is not. What you are drawn to, and what you are not. Now that you are balanced again, things may change, call me if you need to discuss. This is a very natural. You are new again.” We decompressed for about 20 minutes after the session, talked about zen practices and meditation, and of course, my spirit totem/the dragonfly, then hugged each other.

And since Saturday afternoon at 1 PM, most everything has been different, so much so it would be frightening if I didn’t feel so calm. I was in a state of peace and simplicity for hours afterwards, everything seemed…brighter and more beautiful. At the neighborhood block party, it was like I could see everyone clearly, those who came up to me, I engaged, those who didn’t. The last concert of the summer music series, I was late to, but I didn’t rush like I typically do, I walked moderately, and even stopped to check out the roses. I slipped in the balcony and enjoyed. As I greeted fellow patrons and friends, I listened without the need to entertain or interject. The afterparty I left in the middle of to speak to the African American women down the street sitting in the parking lot drinking wine and listening to music.

“Looks like the party’s here!” I quipped.
“mmm…hmmmm. You know what we are listenin’ to?
“Aretha Franklin.”
“Girl…you come party with us any time!”
“I think you are having more fun then the party I’m at.What’s your advice for life?
Baby…I tell ya…simple. 1. Put God first, 2. You “do” you. Don’t do no one else…be “you”. 3. Enjoy a glass of wine a time or two…just relax. Baby…you come down here anytime you like, I mean that, we are here ever night. Just us old folks.”

I will…thank you.” And off I went back to the gallery, and the people who were more busy drinking bourbon, port, and looking good, then actually enjoying each other. I walked in, finished the party off, then went to the second afterparty for the board members. Again, watching who was drawn to me, and who was not. Any time I tried to move toward someone in conversation out of obligation I found it to not go anywhere too quickly, however when I let the conversation buzz over to me, I found wonderful people to speak to about my favorite things, like New Orleans, and how they would be happy to get me tickets to the Mardi Gras balls next season-a dream of mine to attend a masked ball. I was surprised how those people I thought I would enjoy the most conversation with, seemed…well…like we had nothing in common.

“My retirement plan. I want to purchase in a brownstone in the OTR and have a bookstore/coffee shop/art space/writers nook on the first floor. That way, I will always have people and books around me. I can live up stairs, and spend my mornings drinking coffee with all the stories that walk through my door. I can have house concerts and before and after party musical events.”

“A bookstore! There’s no money in books!”

I turned and looked at him, a little sad and surprised that someone of such great talent would not understand the beauty of being surrounded by books, and cared only about money. And, I simply ignored him and let my other friend take the lead in the conversation.

And that’s how things have been, allowing everything…weird synchronicities, like dragonflies and buddha soup with lotus root in it. How certain subjects keep coming up with different people. Or the new story I just got this evening from Jorge about Christmas from a Mexican immigrants perspective…how Christmas is very simple…my wish…for you. When I say Feliz Navidad…I am saying… a “wish” for you…a wish upon the stars for you.

I was surprised that I suddenly did not care what other people thought, and I wasn’t afraid, and pedestals that I placed certain people on suddenly didn’t exist. There is only alignment…or not. And sometimes that alignment isn’t with in a fancy party, it’s on Vine street at 9 PM on a Sunday, eating butter pecan ice cream from Graeters, feeling the humid on you like a warm blanket playing hopscotch and talking Mexican Christmas with Jorge.

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