We’ve all got something.

Something we hide, something we are afraid to look at, something lurking in the dark recesses of our psyche. It’s that thing that stays hidden, under addiction or mindless consumption, or mindless living.

The cure…mindfulness, meditation, and staying sober.

I don’t believe myself to be an alcoholic in the traditional sense, but I’ve had my fair share of addictive patterns in my life. In college, as a young adult, then adult, till finally I had one crash too many…and I had to say…okay…enough is enough.

Sobriety allows me to see the patterns that have been weaving themselves in and out of my life. Addiction sucks time, it prevents us from taking action, stifles creative drive, interrupts sleep, destroys relationships, our self esteem, and is that shadow that’s hold us back from what we seek to achieve.

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