Class 5 Clinger…How to Let Go Through Meditation.

My spiritual teacher sent this to me after I was doing some wrestling in meditation over letting go. I’m a class 5 clinger. Even when I let go, I don’t. This tenacious spirit has been helpful for me to achieve some amazing things in my life, but it has also brought a lot of suffering when like an immature oak tree I wouldn’t let go of my leaves.

People tend to grasp in cling where have attachment because it is something outside of themselves that they can see feel touch and experience. It is a very quick and easy way to satisfy the need you have of self. Usually the people that do this the most have trouble with self-love, faith in self and somehow feel incomplete or even sometimes inadequate. Learning to give things to yourself directly on the inside is the antidote that counters this need. People are always desperately reaching out because they feel incomplete. And then once they grasp onto something or someone they don’t want to lose that part of themselves that they feel they have gained. When it was never actually them in the first place. You have to look Inward and realign your thinking towards self and completing yourself on the inside without the need for external people and things. This is hard to do because our inclination is to see do and be outward. Which is what meditation is for. Looking inward. Being inward. Seeing the truth of self and burning away they need and desire for external things. Realize that the wholeness that you seek is within you not outside of you.

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