Be Still…Awaiting the Warrior

“So, yeah…we broke up. But she’s crazy. I mean who does that, I was tired of it anyway. Don’t listen to anything she says. All lies…even the cops told me she’s crazy.”

“Wow…I’m really sorry to hear this happened. Break ups are hard, but this magnifies it.” I was trying to keep the conversation rather nondescript with my now ex neighbor who was removed from his now ex girlfriends rental 2 doors down. They were known for epic loud battles. The sort of intense fighting that always boarderlined on too intense. Plus…he drank. A lot. But so did she. They were a bit of the black sheep of the street. In Mayberry we like to keep our domestic issues quiet. But I had stayed friends with them because, well…everyone has something and each relationship dynamic is different. It seemed to be working for them…until it wasn’t.

“So…you remember when I told you you’d should date a jock.” Yes I clearly remembered on of the nights on the patio while he went on his whole speech about how I needed a Jock in my life. I was polite…but I thought it rather silly.

“Well…how bout me, I’d like to take you out for a drink or dinner. I’ve always really liked you. You have such interesting things to say.”

I was surprised…but not really, my gut had steered me right with this one…and my 10 years living with one…a classic narcissist. Declaring undying love for his girlfriend 2 days before, now defaming her and asking me on a date.

“That’s kind of you, but I don’t date.”

“Huh? I mean…really?”
“Yes, really.”
“Personal choice. I don’t need to.”
“What about …you know…sex? What do you do” The hair stood up on the back of my neck. Creep!
“There’s more to life than sex. Well, I have to go, I’m home now.”
“Oh yeah, great talking to you, maybe we can go out as friends?”
“Maybe”. I said…

And then I hung up the phone and said…yeah…maybe never.

These sorts of situations remind me, why I don’t date…because I’m waiting…for a warrior, and I won’t have to go through any dating BS with him, and frankly, if my warrior heard this man speak to me like that, he would have had a few choice words for him.

Warriors aren’t jocks…they are mindful, meditative, kind and strong. They don’t take crap off anyone, and they garner respect, as well as respect others.

The best way to attract a warrior…

Be a warrior 🙂

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