Warriors aren’t Vegan…

Well, that’s an over generalization, maybe some warriors are, but this warrior woman is not. I’m happy to be done with my vegan experiment.

While I did have a burst of energy the third day, the rest of the time I was tired, cranky, and hungry. I housed potato chips like it was my job. I craved salty carbs. The only reason I continued is because I committed to it for a week and part of my recent life practices are to finish what I start and do what I say I’m going to do. By the end my whole body wasn’t functioning at full capacity. Done…I needed real protein.

I also needed meditation and a run…off I went through the rain into my forest space of zen which is 5 minutes from my house. Literally a beautiful covered area in the woods by a creek. I was there in lotus position for 30 minutes listening, to the rain, observing the changing leaves, breathing with the babbling brook, and listening for the small still voice which eventually came. Among many questions I had, one was how do I stay healthy and energized to fulfill all that is to be accomplished?

It said…

Wake up at 5 am
Eat dates, lambs meat, and drink goats milk.
Write, run, do morning yoga. Continue your meditation practice.

Now everything made sense besides, the dates, lambs meat and goats milk. 3 thing I have never tried and sounded unpleasant. I don’t drink milk ever, dates…hmmmm….eh…are they like prunes, and lamb…really?

But who am I to argue with inspiration that comes during meditation.

So I ran back home, went to Kroger’s and picked up the required items.

I prepared my dinner of goats milk, lamb, and dates.

As I took a bite of the sweet date, I suddenly knew why dates and love go hand and hand. They are amazingly sweet and I love sweet anything. The ground lamb seasoned with paparika and onions was delicious, and the goats milk equally good. I drank a full glass. (I never drink a full glass of anything dairy)I felt full, alert, and thank god I had some energy.

Upon googling my strange epicurean prompting. It seems that these items are chock full of B vitimans, calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, all the things I need to live a high energy healthy life.


Once again, the wisdom that we seek, the healing that we need, comes from going inside ourselves, it’s all there, the answers to living the life we are called to in this incarnation. The road map is found beyond the babble of our fearful mind, it’s obession with the past and the future, two things that don’t exist. Everything we need is here and now in the present moment…

Like goats milk…and I’m totally going for another glass right now. Sooooo good!

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