It is always darkest before the dawn

I came across these videos on Facebook today. They are from 2016 and I am at a loss for words to describe the absolute beauty.

I think this is what heaven looks like…no….I don’t think…I know this is heaven.

It’s not without suffering, it is the connection and the community in the suffering. It is how God is. God is with us in the suffering.

The amazing amount of energetic healing in the video transcends beyond Florence and the young girl, but to people like you and me who watch long after she has moved on. I love watching Florence’s hands as if she is envoking a blessing. Through the sound of her voice and then motion of her hands she is bringing peace, love, joy. This is true selfless love. This is how we should come into the world and leave this world…in song, envoking the ancient wisdom of no death…with music.

Musicians are healers. For those of us who don’t have the talent to create this good medicine, let us support and love those people who do. May we heal each other with song.

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