The Best Gift

Today I worked, then I had to get a new tire for my car, I came home got dinner, had a brownie birthday cake made by my daughter. I hugged her ate my one of my favorite meals…spaghetti. Then I was a bit sad. That’s how life is sometimes, sadness comes when it’s not supposed to be there.

The why I was sad had been following me for two years. I learned to make friends with it, I didn’t try to fight it anymore. I just allowed it when it came.

Mom…are you sad?
A little. Let’s go to the barn.

So off we went to turn out our 3 favorite mares. As soon as I stepped out of the car, my sadness seemed to not hurt so much. It seemed to smile in a beautiful melancholy way that sadness smiles. The sunset…was a dark blue and the smell of horses and shavings put me at peace.

As we walked the horses out, the beauty of the sky the sound of crickets, the click of boots and hooves on the gravel path to the pasture, reminded me…to breathe.

I looked at the sunset and thought. Thank you God for giving me the gift of tonight’s sky…it was the best gift I received. Love and God is a blue sunset it seems.

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