Hey Warrior…get your ass to the gym

The gym…it has been…hmmmmm 2 years since I was in a consistent work out routine. When I consistently lift, I feel strong, healthy, and genuinely good all around.

“So, what are you interested in here? Losing weight? Making friends? Group fitness?” The manager asked in that happy quizzical way expecting the usual I’m here to loose 10 lbs to I hope to meet someone. I guess that’s the typical response.

“I want to get strong.”
“Oh…well…yes, of course.”

I meant it, I didn’t care how much I weighed, or who I met, I cared about being able to bench press someone into the dirt if I had too, I cared about being able to ride full speed at a gallop, no reins, with a bow and arrow in my hand, I cared about feeling really good, I was tired of being…tired, or making excuses for not be fit. I was not going out of this world feeling tired and old…considering my last trainer was 50 with the body of a goddess that put 20 somethings to shame, there was not excuse for why I couldn’t do the same.

Plus…I had a warrior spirit, and the body is a temple to the spirit, so it was time for me to pony up on good stuff…eating right and 5 AM strength training at my local gym.

Day 1…I made it, 20 minutes of cardio 15 minutes of weights. Success. I successfully turned down a martini from my neighbor and hit the gym istead. The only way to get as fit as I wanted was to trade in my habits and bad addictions for good ones.

Everything we do is a habit, and I was taking this life now, one day at a time.

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