Your Energy is Precious

As a person who is going through some amazing transformation through Reiki practice, I’m very conscious of my energy. We all should be. It’s you, and protecting you is good self care.

Making sure your energy field is healed and inalignment helps, but being mindful of how you give your energy away is equally important. Notice how you feel around people, are you full of life or do you feel drained.

A key indicator for me is when I yawn around a person. If I start to get tired within 5 minutes. I start to feel drained.

Doesn’t mean you don’t hang out with those people, just means you practice good self care and keep your energy levels where they need to be. If you do…you can help them and you.

Nameste dear ones ❤️ Happy Friday and I hope your day is full of lots of energy.

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