The Golden Thread

“It was like…it was like…” she pointed her finger as if pointing at the man she had just met. “It was like, I knew him…I’ve known him. I felt it here in my chest. You know the golden thread the cord you always talk about?”

I cringed a bit, I knew it too well, the unbreakable connection between souls that have met before this lifetime. There are some people we feel so comfortable with them that getting naked is easy. From across a room you can feel them, in the middle of your chest. Some days, you will feel them, tug the cord, it’s butterflies in you solar plexus, it’s warm honey in your soul.

“He made me want to be a better person…I wanted to be my best self with him. He saw past my exterior…he saw me!”

Yes, that it is what it is like, the thing we all seek.

“You’re in trouble.” I said, and immediately regretted saying that. Just because you meet a soul match doesn’t mean it’s not going to work out. In fact, I think timing an maturity plays a lot into a soul match working out. If both individuals are mature and willing, they can anything together.

Here’s what I will say about golden thread people. Go for them, go all the way with them, don’t hold back invest your whole self, because golden thread people are golden gifts. They are cut from the same fabric of stars, and laying in bed with them is like cuddling up with your favorite blanket or stuffed animal.

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