This is only for those…who are ready…calling all mystics to marriage

This isn’t for everyone, but for those of us who understand…it’s why we wait.

When I first heard this I wanted to become a Baptist, then I remembered, religious affiliation means nothing, what means something, is understanding the principles that TJ Jakes speaks about.

Anything less than this…is not for me. Maybe not for you either. That’s why you walk alone.

To hear a preacher discuss God as both masculine and feminine made want to weep, for when I felt God in another person, there was not masculine nor feminine, we were one…totally one masculine and feminine. To hear the verse of surrender taught in this way, allowed me the opening that I needed.

I was ready…but I wouldn’t settle for anything less than this type of union.

I won’t have anything less than this…flesh of my flesh, the male mirror of me, one in The Spirit with me.

So, I wait, happily…I wait. And finally, I can say that without frustration, this…this is worth years of waiting.

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