Nurture Youself

Taking the time at the end of your day to nurture you, is like giving the world a a gift.

This is my routine…funny to see it in print.

I meditated this morning, I read, had a super multivitamin shake, I drank water, did Abcenteic fitness class for 30 minutes, stared at the stars while I turned the horses out to pasture, and now…bed…before midnight, but not before another dose of prayer and meditation.

I feel…very well.

I’m not relying on someone to make me feel well or happy. Just me, and it’s very empowering. It’s a turning point for me. My happiness is my own and I know how to make me happy, so I don’t have to hold another human being hostage to my happiness. Wow…I can’t wait to try this out in a relationship. I would imagine it takes a lot of pressure off the other person. I don’t need anything from them to make me happy, I know where the happiness well is at…in me. So..yay, that means I can shower all my love and affection with wild abandonment on another person. Journey with them.

Everything on this list is pretty much all I need to be well…except for one thing…


Glorious music.

And hugs…

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