Proceed Courageously Living a Joyous Life

Yes, you do have to give up something. Something has to be sacrificed in order for their to be rebirth, or newness. We have to let go of our leaves.

For me…I make the choice to sacrifice old negative patterns and negative people. Meditation helps me to see who and what those are.

Meditation isn’t clearing your mind it is about focusing your mind, gaining control of your mind and getting in tune with your highest self.

The place I have always felt most attacked is at the level of thought. Negative thoughts, insecurity. I think that mirror souls are very good at reflecting back at you your best thoughts and worst thoughts.

When you are unconscious, you think this is the others persons fault, when really it’s just an aspect of you. When you are unconscious it’s like you are a sponge absorbing everyone’s energy and feeling overwhelmed, then being rung out to nothing by others who take your energy. You have no awareness.

Meditation helps bring focus and control to thoughts, but most importantly it brings awareness. Thoughts are like notes that come into being and fade quickly, and an unconscious mind is like a symphony gone amok, just noise.

Our higher self can focus the thoughts and help turn noise into music if we allow it.

This is the best video I have found thus far on meditation, what it is, why we do it, and how to do it.

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