I have figured out the Trump

“OMG…I’m going to throw up!” I meant it too. If I saw one more text from my Dad from the Trump rally with my Mom shouting women for Trump…I was going to loose my mind. I felt physically ill, I mean…these people were flesh of my flesh and completely bought into the lie. I can’t stand the man…and I have a right to say that because I actually voted for him.

Honestly, I though most of it was “shtick” with him, show for the election, then he would get down to business. I work in business, I know business people, and I figured that logic would take over. But…the irrationality continued after that.

Then it hit me…he’s either nuts, a narcissist, or a genius…maybe all three. The reality is that he has tapped into two parts of the American psyche:

1. We are not good enough as we are…the whole #makeamericagreatagain. Our own personal self loathing.
2. The minority of…the angry conservative, angry white male (real thing, and for good reason), the angry blue collar worker who feels that others have been given a handout where he has not. Women for Trump (again…ill as my mother was holding up that sign) spoke to something deeper…the deeper understanding that women and men don’t need to be at odds with each other, and somehow we have upset the balance of a natural order.

He has become the champion for those who see their social order slipping away, for those who are actually anti establishment, for those who seek strength.

And it makes me so sad…

Sad because of the polarization of it all. A house divided cannot stand, and under Trump I have seen both the left and the right become the worst version of themselves. So much so, that I can barely look at Facebook. Where is the civility?

In the midst of my chagrin, I came across one of Nas Daily’s videos…and it made me smile.

Walls, disconnection, hate, labels…all that crap…well…it starts conflict that’s totally unnecessary. There is one thing that the “Enemy” wants…that’s division. Anytime that humans can be set against each other in war or in relationship…he wins. I say…fight back…with truth…and speak out…and talk about the good news of …”it’s a beautiful day.”

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