The Sweet One

“What do you think?” he looked at it quizzically…with a dash of judgement.
“It’s okay.”
“Will you play it for me? With the new bow?”
“Sure.” And he began, and the brightest happiest sound came out of my beloved. She was so cheery, such a happy soul of a violin. That’s why I originally picked her, her bright sound.
“Hmmm…this is a very nice little violin actually.” I grinned.
“Thanks.” I had rented her for two years, it was time to purchase the little violin that wasn’t all that fancy, yet sounded…like…a warm spring day, when you lay in the tall grass and look at the clouds. She was such a happy thing. And I loved her. Yes, I loved this little violin, because…we were one in the same; cheery things, things that sounded better than what were supposed to, things…that on first glance, we didn’t have the designer label, yet when you asked us to speak or simply be…you could see…sunshine through the rain.


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